AAAS publishes six respected peer-reviewed journals. This attempting to suit natural elements into faulty scientific theories gets especially ironical (that is a gentle phrase, hilarious would be extra like it!) when scientists try to dismiss intercourse between identical-sexes in the wild as additionally one thing that is meant to facilitate reproductive sex.

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If scientists on one hand and non secular people then again are reluctant to vary their views (possibly partly because it will power them to alter their whole personal identity), philosophers ought to be seeking the reality without prejudice.

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Dengan kata lain, mungkin sekali pendapat Poerbatjaraka benar, yaitu wangsa Syailendra berasal dari Indonesia, yang awalnya beragama Syiwa, kemudian berpindah agama menjadi Budha Mahayana sejak pemerintahan Rakai Panangkaran, namun kemudian pindah agama lagi menjadi Syiwa sejak pemerintahan Rakai Pikatan.